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Sibling DNA Testing

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Simple-to-use home sibling DNA testing kit for peace of mind for only $249 online

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sibling dna test

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sibling dna test

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Our money-back guarantee

Paternity DNA testing will always provide a conclusive result, but sibling DNA tests are different. This means that you may not get a decisive answer.

The testing industry does not make this clear, but you need to be aware that sibling testing can be up to 40% inconclusive. This means that four out of every 10 people will not get the result they have paid for.

At AlphaBiolabs, we have been able to reduce the inconclusive rate down to 24%. This means that one in four people will not get a definitive outcome. This is still not acceptable to us. We have therefore decided to launch our guaranteed result or your money-back promise.

If you use our sibling DNA testing service and do not get a conclusive result, we guarantee to refund the price of your sibling test. What are you waiting for?

Order online today for just $249.

DNA sibling test

With DNA technology, it is possible to establish whether brothers and sisters share the same mother and father or either mother or father. Individuals are classed as full siblings when both biological parents are the same. Half-siblings are individuals who share only one biological parent, either mother or father.

Why use AlphaBiolabs for your sibling testing?

AlphaBiolabs is fully accredited for DNA sibling testing using up to 35 markers and utilizes the most current and effective DNA technology to ensure reliability and accuracy.

To ensure our quality, AlphaBiolabs is accredited to ISO 17025, which means an independent body checks our laboratory and results.

With AlphaBiolabs’ Sibling DNA test the two alleged siblings are required to provide a sample. We use statistical analysis to evaluate the amount of DNA shared between the individuals tested to ascertain a biological relationship. For example, full siblings have more DNA in common than half-siblings, and half-siblings normally share more DNA than unrelated individuals.

Why is this sibling DNA test different?

In testing for sibling relatedness, the DNA laboratory will determine the genetic profile of the alleged siblings and will calculate a sibling DNA index or likelihood ratio.

A likelihood of greater than 10 indicates that the siblings are related, either full or half, but a likelihood of less than 0.1 does not support this. A likelihood that falls between 0.1 and 10 is inconclusive, which means that a relationship cannot be determined, based on the data collected and analyzed.

The higher the value of the sibling DNA index, the greater the chance that the two individuals tested are full biological siblings. It is possible to analyze two individuals to determine whether they are more likely to share the same mother and father, share just one common parent or be totally unrelated.

Enclosed in the test kit:

  • Peace of Mind DNA test request/consent form
  • Complete instructions on how to take the DNA sibling test and how to return the samples
  • An already addressed envelope to send the DNA test sample back to AlphaBiolabs
  • Three DNA sample collection swab packages containing two swabs in each package
  • Individual DNA test sample envelopes for the alleged siblings. Extra individuals can be easily added using our online form.

You will receive your results by email within 35 days after our laboratory has received your samples.

Look no further. Purchase our simple-to-use home Sibling DNA kit for your peace of mind priced only $249 online.

If you have any questions or require further information, contact us via Live Chat or call now at 727-325-2902.

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