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Paternity Testing Kit

  • Paternity test for only $119 online
  • Up to 35 genetic markers in our analysis for extremely accurate results
  • Results back within 3–5 working days after we receive your samples
  • All DNA exclusion results tested twice 
  • DNA testing kit in discreet packaging
  • Award-winning ISO 17025-accredited testing lab
  • 100% confidential service

Simple-to-use home DNA paternity testing kit for your peace of mind for only $119 online

Four easy steps for your paternity test

paternity test

Buy your collection kit

paternity test

Collect your cheek cell DNA samples

paternity test

Post back to our laboratory

paternity test

Receive your results by email

DNA paternity testing

In the comfort of your home, and for your peace of mind, you can take cheek cell samples to establish the biological father of a child using our paternity test kit. After purchasing your kit for $119 here, simply follow three easy and painless steps. When you complete the samples, fill in the test request form and post back to AlphaBiolabs. Our team of professionals will then start processing your information. You will receive your accurate and confidential results by email within 3–5 days.

Why buy our DNA paternity testing kit?

For 15 years, AlphaBiolabs has provided affordable DNA paternity testing services to the public with excellent client feedback. We use the most up-to-date DNA testing equipment to ensure our tests are reliable and accurate. We offer accredited paternity testing and retest all our exclusion results. We send your DNA paternity test kit to any address of your choosing, and packaging is always discreet. Our paternity test kit includes mouth swabs that you place gently and painlessly on the inside of the cheek, so there is no concern for needles or other invasive techniques. The paternity tests examine up to 35 markers to determine which half of the child’s DNA is inherited from the mother and which half is from the father. When testing the biological father of the child, both will share identical sections of DNA at each marker. If the man is not the biological father, there will be differences in the DNA of both man and child. Order your DNA test online for just $119.

Enclosed in the DNA paternity testing kit:

  • Peace of Mind DNA test request/consent form
  • Complete instructions on how to take the DNA paternity test and how to return the sample
  • An already-addressed envelope to send the DNA test sample back to AlphaBiolabs
  • Three DNA sample collection swab packages containing two swabs in each package
  • Individual DNA test sample envelopes for the alleged father, child and mother, if available. Extra individuals can be easily added using our online form.

You will receive your results by email within 35 days after our laboratory has received your samples.

Our online Peace of Mind DNA paternity test kit is priced at just $119. When you buy with us online, your payment details are 100% secure and will never be sold to third party advertisers. Please note: We cannot start processing the testing material until all consent forms are signed by all parties involved. Look no further: purchase our simple-to-use home kit for peace of mind today for only $119. If you have any questions or require further information, contact us via Live Chat or call now at 727-325-2902.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the test cost?

The cost of the Peace of Mind DNA paternity test is $119 and includes swabs to test one child, one assumed father and one mother (if available).

Do you need the mother’s DNA sample for a paternity test?

We do not need the mother’s DNA sample to perform a paternity test. Our paternity tests look at up to 35 DNA markers and examine the child’s DNA and identify which half is inherited from the mother and which half is from the father.

When will I get my kit?

We mail out your kit the same day you order it. You can choose to receive your kit by standard mail or by USPS Express.

When will I get my results?

As soon as AlphaBiolabs receives your DNA samples in our laboratory we begin the testing process. We will then email your results in 3–5 working days.

How accurate is the test?

AlphaBiolabs DNA paternity test results are accurate. AlphaBiolabs is an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory, meeting the very highest international quality standards.

Can I have DNA testing kits sent to two addresses?

Yes, AlphaBiolabs can mail the DNA paternity test kits to two different addresses. There is an option to list a 2nd address on the form when you purchase online.

More FAQs about DNA paternity testing can be found on our Learning Center.

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