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DNA Maternity Testing

  • Maternity test for just $119 online
  • Results are sent by email in as little as 3–5 days from receipt of samples
  • Retesting for all exclusion DNA results to give you reassurance
  • Award-winning expert team putting your needs in safe hands
  • Easy, hassle-free ordering and pain-free sample collection
  • Discreet packaging sent direct to your requested address

Our easy-to-use home DNA maternity test kit gives you peace of mind, at only $119 online

Four easy steps for your maternity test

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maternity test

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DNA maternity testing

The purpose of a DNA maternity test is to ascertain if there is a biological relationship between a child and a possible mother. It can provide the definitive answers a family needs in a number of different situations, such as:

  • When an adopted child and mother are reunited after years of separation and would like to confirm their biological relationship
  • When a mother who conceived a child through in vitro fertilization would like to confirm that the correct embryo was implanted into her uterus
  • When there are concerns that baby switching has mistakenly occurred within a hospital

AlphaBiolabs is an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory, meeting the very highest international quality standards. In fact, we look for up to 35 genetic markers, a process that uses the very latest DNA technology to ensure accuracy so the procedure produces conclusive maternity results. You will receive your results by email within 3–5 working days after our laboratory has received your samples.

What comes in the DNA maternity test sample collection kit?

The AlphaBiolabs peace of mind DNA maternity test kit contains the following:

  • The testing request form
  • Complete instructions on how to take the DNA samples and return them to AlphaBiolabs
  • An already-addressed mailing envelope for sending the DNA samples back to AlphaBiolabs
  • Three DNA sample collection swab packages, each holding two swabs. Note: Be careful when opening the package so that you don’t damage the DNA testing swabs
  • Individual DNA sample envelopes for the mother and child
  • Extra individuals can be easily added using our online form

How do I take samples for the DNA maternity test?

Included in your AlphaBiolabs home DNA maternity test kit are mouth swabs, similar to ordinary cotton swabs but larger and sturdier. Simply rub the swab gently on the inside of the test subject’s cheek; there are no needles involved.

How do I buy AlphaBiolabs DNA maternity test?

It’s easy to buy your DNA maternity test kit by clicking the button below and ordering through our secure website. If you have more questions our Live Chat is available, or if you want to learn more about DNA maternity testing, simply call one of our friendly client services team members at 727-325-2902.

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