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Buy a Paternity Test


In the comfort of your home, and for your peace of mind, you can collect DNA test samples to establish the biological father of a child using our paternity test kit.

After purchasing your kit, simply follow three easy and painless steps. When you complete the samples, fill in the test request form and send the application to AlphaBiolabs. Our team of professionals will then start processing your information.

You will receive your accurate and confidential results by email within 3–5 days.

Additional reports: DNA technical data includes the DNA profiles of each person tested and the likelihood values used to calculate the final results. An electropherogram is a visual of each person’s DNA profile. The results of your DNA paternity test will be emailed to you within 3–5 days. However, if you would also like to receive a hard copy report please add this option to your order below and this will be sent to your mailing address.

How many children to be tested?

The standard test includes one child, one alleged father and the mother (if available). If you need to add more children please use this section.

How many alleged fathers to be tested?

The standard test includes one alleged father. If you need to add more alleged fathers to the test please use this section


Names of people taking part in the test

Additional reporting

Do you require any additional reports for this case?

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